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T.E.A.C.H. is a worldclass corporate solution to quit smoking at the workplace. Register here for a meetup.

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100% Guarantee, You Will Quit

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"The Strongest Guarantee in the business to ensure you rid this revolting habit"

Success using hypnosis is dependent on many variables including the attitude, motivation, cooperation and the attendance of scheduled sessions by the client. Even though human behavior cannot be ethically guaranteed, We makes the following service guarantee for our educational services:

Upon payment of program fee in full, there are absolutely no more charges for sessions, regardless of the time duration involved for the client to reach his or her goal. As people vary, so will the time duration needed for each individual to achieve their individual goal. After the initial therapy period for our program is completed, we will provide FREE REINFORCEMENT sessions at client’s request as needed (maximum one per month) until client is satisfied and has attained his or her desired results. If you ever go back to your habit or problem again for any reason, our services are available to you at no extra charge for as long as our doors are open for business

Boost Your Willpower to Succeed

T.E.A.C.H. is far superior than any quit smoking solutions in the market. We have media publish results.

Our studies and experiences showed that not all smokers want to truly quit. However, there are many smokers who want to quit and have tried many methods and still were not able to drop the habit. These smokers are our primary targets.

Our method is to focus their mind for a quit, meaning that a smoker will be taught on how to quit. They will be more appreciative to achieve that goal now. Since 2001 we have research and done R&D seminars, training and clinicals in Holland, Philippines and Malaysia on corporate quit smoking solutions. We are often in the media and TEACH provides a 360 degree view of a smoker's quit process. It is engineered for long term success.

We offer your drug free quit smoking training that is proven and tested. We have official evidence report on our high success results validated by the Health Behaviour Research of the Malaysian Ministry of Health